Entertainment Weekly Ranks Every Treehouse of Horror Short

In celebration of this Sunday’s FXX marathon of the first 24 Treehouse of Horror episodes (also known as the best day ever) and that Treehouse of Horror XXV just aired last week, entertainment Weekly has ranked all 75 Treehouse shorts from worst to first.

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Steve Nash Out for Season with Back Injury

Steve Nash, one of the greatest point guards of all-time and a 2-time MVP may have played his last game in the NBA.

The Los Angeles Lakers presumed starter this season has been lost for the year with a back injury.

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Quick Plug

If you’ve ever read a post of mine and thought to yourself “man, I would love to read more!” then you have issues. But the ability to read more of my stuff is not one of them. I’m still making tweaks to the site itself but I have started posting blogs of more of a personal nature on my personal site.

That is for more daily life things and for stuff we don’t talk about here like politics. Pop culture and sports items are still going to end up here for the most part.

Mia, (the new girl) has a website that is coming soon but is also posting items on her temporary wordpress.com blog to get used to posting and such while I’m putting her real site together.

I should probably also plug Melissa’s Blog so she doesn’t feel left out.

If you really can’t read enough check out Ric Gillespie over at CanvasChronicle.com. But before reading Ric, you’d be better off checking out The Dragon King Karl site!

Happy reading!

Some Changes Need to be Made to Simpsons World

After I was finally able to access Simpsons World yesterday, I realized it was awesome. My favorite feature is the fact that I can hit play on an episode and it will just keep playing episodes until I tell it to stop. This is handy for the lazy person that I am, sometimes pushing a button on a remote can be so bothersome.

However, there is one change that needs to be made and it needs to be made immediately.

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Simpsons World Back on Apple TV

After appearing and then disappearing from the FXNow app on Apple TV earlier today, the Simpsons World area has returned.

I am happy to say that it is streaming just fine. I am watching an episode called Gorgeous Grampa where it reveals that Abe Simpson was a Gorgeous George style professional wrestler. It seemed most appropriate given we deal with that subject on this site as well.

Productivity smash!

Trouble with Simpsons World?

I was doing a google search today and came across an article from the aVClub. It asks a simple question. Can Simpsons World Learn from WWE Network’s Mistakes?

I can't say for sure that they will or weren't learn from the WWE but it does appear that the two services have something in common.

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Simpsons World App and Website, Featuring Every Episode Ever, Launches Tomorrow

In her first post yesterday, Mia wrote that if The Simpsons came to Netflix it would completely destroy her productivity. Well, the Simpsons isn’t coming to NetFlix but her productivity is probably doomed as of tomorrow.

The long-awaited Simpsons World app and website will be launched on Tuesday.

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Today will be a Day Long Remembered

First thing’s first, everyone should welcome Mia to the site.

Mia’s agreement to blog here from time to time means that Ric Gillespie’s day as the female on the staff are over. However, there is still a chance that Ric is more feminine.

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and here we go …

So I am starting a blog. I haven’t blogged in nearly a decade ago, back before everyone was doing. A lot has changed since then. I’ve been figuring out how to navigate WordPress for a couple hours. I still don’t get it. Oh to be young and tech savvy again.

My blog will mainly be centered around movies and TV, which is actually how I met Casey (who informed me that I’ll be the first woman to post on this blog). We share a fondness for The Simpsons and met on Twitter during the FXX 10 day marathon. That marathon was the best thing to happen to TV in a long time. I will confess that before the marathon, I had stopped keeping up with The Simpsons. I watched Family Guy quite often, and often found myself saying, “Didn’t they already do this on The Simpsons?” That’s one of the many reasons I was thrilled about the crossover episode, MacFarlane openly acknowledges just how similar his show and heavily influenced it was by The Simpsons.

The marathon was a fantastic walk down memory lane. I found myself watching episodes from the early 90s and still being able to quote my favorite lines from the episodes, especially if they were spoken by Ralph Wiggum. “Me fail English? That’s unpossible.”

I’ve gotten back on track with my Simpsons viewing and I’m especially looking forward to the Treehouse of Horror marathon next week.

I really wish The Simpsons was on Netflix. I would get exactly ZERO work done. Seriously, that needs to happen!

That’s all I have for now.

HBO to Offer Stand Alone Streaming Service in 2015

In a bit of news that could have serious ramifications down the road, HBO has announced that it will begin offering a stand alone streaming service in 2015.

For the Ric Gillespie’s of the world who aren’t sure what this means, it means that a person could subscribe to HBO without having a cable subscription of any kind.

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More On WWE’s Relationship With Ten Sports

IndianTelevision.com has an interesting look at WWE’s recent reup with Ten Sports.

Two of the more-noteworthy reveals are that the five-year deal is worth roughly twenty-million-dollars-per, and that there are serious plans to open WWE stores in India, which should make Wandering Euan happy, because he’s from India … I think.