The Iron Sheik Tweet of the Day – 07/28/2014

I have not posted an Iron Sheik Tweet of the Day in many many many days. Not that anyone has noticed or complained or even cared.

Still, that was more out of my own general laziness than anything else. Besides, when was the last time you saw a post on this site written by Euan?

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Spike TV Elects not to Renew Television Contract with Impact Wrestling

TNA iMPACT debuted on Spike TV on October 1, 2005. After about a year on the air, the show was moved from Saturday night to a 2-hour block on Thursday. Then in 2010 there was an ill-fated move to Monday night to go head-to-head with Monday Night Raw and rekindle the Monday night war that did wonders for the industry in the late 1990s.

Now, the end would seem to have arrived. TMZ reported that Spike TV won’t be renewing the contract for iMPACT Wrestling.

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Video: See Five Minutes of ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ Crossover Episode

When ‘Family Guy’ kicks off this season on Sept. 28 it will be in an hour long episode where the Griffin’s find themselves in Springfield but they’re not allowed to say which state.

There they will meet up with popular springfield residents ‘The Simpsons’. At the ‘Family Guy’ panel at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday the panelists discussed the episode. Entertainment Weekly posted a five minute glimpse into the episode.

You can view that video after the jump…

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Weird Al Yankovic has First Number One Album

Thirty-Five years in to a career that some people didn’t believe would last Thirty-Five minutes, Weird Al Yankovic has his first number one album. ‘Mandatory Fun’ which was released last week is at the top of the sales charts.

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Video: Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer

As we get closer and closer to the fall debut of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ the anticipation has been built up with videos online introducing the characters from the series.

Well, today that gets kicked up to another level with the debut of the extended trailer for the series.

Watch it after the jump.

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Video: “Weird Al” Premiers Video for ‘Sports Song’

Yesterday I wrote that if I were a betting man, I would bet that today’s “Weird Al” video would be for ‘Inactive’.

This is why I do not gamble…often.

Today’s video premier off of Al’s new album ‘Mandatory Fun’ is for “Sports Song” which is a “Weird Al” original and I was hoping there would be a video for this song. Sports is not a topic that often comes up in a “Weird Al” song and so I was happy to see one.

You can check it out by clicking here.

In other news, Al was on Conan last night performing ‘Tacky’ live with his band. If you missed that performance, you can watch it here.

Forbes Unvails 2014 List of the World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Forbes has released their annual ranking of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world.

Out of the top 50 teams, 30 belong to the national football league. Only the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders failed to make the top 50 from the NFL. The Raiders were ranked in the top 50 in 2013 and were one of 3 franchises to fall off the list this year.

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Something All Fans of Old School Pro Wrestling should be Checking Out

I’ve told the story of how this website wouldn’t exist if not for the influences of a few people. One of those people is Karl Stern who hosts a podcast dealing with classic professional wrestling over at

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CBS Boss Expresses Confidence that ‘Big Bang’ Deals Will Get Done

Production on the eighth season of the number one scripted show on all of television, CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is scheduled to begin on July 30. However, there could be a delay to the start of the season due to the fact that the show’s five original cast members do not have contracts for the upcoming season.

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CBS Boss Talks Final Season of ‘Two and a Half Men’

Speaking at the summer gathering of the Television Critics Association, CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler revealed some details about the main plot for the final season of the long-running sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’.

If you want no spoilers at all, stop reading right now.

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Video: Weird Al Premiers Music Video for ‘Handy’

Another day and another new video from Weird Al Yankovic’s new album ‘Mandatory Fun’ hits the internet.

Today he premiered the music video for ‘Handy’ which is a parody of ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea.

If you want to watch the video, click here.

If I were a betting man, I would wager large sums of money that tomorrow’s music video is for ‘Inactive’ which is a parody of ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons.

“Weird Al” premiers Video for ‘Foil’

Eight videos in eight days containues as “Weird Al” debuts the video for ‘Foil’ which is the third song off of his new ‘Mandatory Fun’ to have a video premiered this week. ‘Foil’ is a parody of ‘Royals’ by Lorde.

This one and ‘Word Crimes’ rank very closely as my favorite songs off of ‘Mandatory Fun’.

Video: “Weird Al” presents ‘Word Crimes’

“Weird Al” continues his 8 videos in 8 days campain with the music video for his song ‘Word Crimes’ which is a parody of ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke. This is the second video for a single off of Al’s new album ‘Mandatory Fun’ which was released today and so far I am enjoying it very much.

This joins his video for the song ‘Tacky’ which is a parody of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.