TLC to Answer Question that Nobody Asked

I’m sure that all of America is curious to know what has been going on with Kate Gosselin and her eight tickets to fame and fortune…I mean children since Kate’s last appearance in public or on TMZ about five minutes ago.

Thankfully, TLC is prepared to answer the question that nobody has really been asking.

I give Kate Gosselin some credit. She got famous by exploiting the lives of her children for profit and she’s going to continue to ride that horse until it dies, the kids all end up in therapy and she spends Christmas alone because they all grow to hate her. I guess if the public starts to tire of Kate…yeah, like that would ever happen 4 years ago, she could always just have more children and start over. Here’s an idea for a reality show, Kate and her kids can move in with Octomom and her large family and have wacky adventures. They could call the show Octo and Kate plus hate. Episode one can be a visit to Honey Boo Boo’s house in an effort to see if there really is a show that will make me bust my TV in anger.

But perhaps it is I who am wrong? I mean, history does show that people who spend their lives growing up on television turn out just fine in the end.

Remember when people used to become famous because they worked hard and had actual talent? Remember when child exploitation used to be looked down upon in society?

Oh and don’t bother to tell me that nobody is forcing me to watch. First of all, I am already aware of that and most definitely will not be watching. The fact I won’t be subjecting myself to a viewing of this special is not going to keep me from complaining about the fact that it is happening at all. If people on the internet weren’t allowed to write about stuff that pissed them off for any reason regardless of merit, there would be maybe one or two blogs in the whole world and nobody would read them.

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